Christopher and Emily's combined energies are committed to powerful art in, and of, multifarious contextualization, both in the sense of the passage of art history and global journeys; they take seriously the task of contributing to international collections that are reflective of a dynamic, open-minded and truly interconnected cultural spirit. They are recognized for their lateral approaches that have included the following interventions into existing collections, or as leading principle for the configuration of entirely new ones:-

A 20th century Henry Moore Reclining Figure wooden sculpture positioned amidst a monumental installation of contemporary Chinese calligrapher-innovator Shao Yan; an anatomical bronze of Alberto Giacometti to the foreground of an abstract landscape painting by Zeng Fanzhi, extending Fanzhi's interpretation of the traditional Chinese philosophy of 'miao wu' or 'marvelous revelation'; a Zhang Xiaogang 1990's portrait of the artist's mother from his 'Bloodline' series reflecting on familial disconnect, side-by-side a Renaissance Masters' depiction of mother and child in a setting of bucolic idyll.

In 2010, Emily and Christopher complemented their dealership with the establishment of the gallery, Atkins & Ai, located adjacent to the Today Art Museum, in Beijing's Central Business District. The objective of this gallery is the highest quality programming and placement of represented artists in the finest international collections, both private and public. Recent public acquisitions by Atkins & Ai Gallery's artists include the British Museum (Meng Liping), and the National Art Museum of China (Jiang Shan Chun, alias Wang Xin). Atkins & Ai is widely recognized for the high quality of its hardback publications that accompany each exhibition.